Customer Testimonials

What others are saying about Truvera Trust Corporation?

Truvera Trust provided some excellent estate planning opportunities for our clients, by having the local face to face, personal services of a local trust company.

As a financial planner it enables us to continue the good relationships we have worked hard to develop and foster with our clients. Having Truvera Trust be the Executors, the trustees and/or POA (power of attorney) allows us to continue to be the advisors who look after their insurance and investment tax and estate planning, and continue the relationships we have with our clients, their families, heirs and their businesses.

For Group One Planning Solutions Truvera Trust have become an important part of the planning discussion we have with clients, telling them about the services offered and the benefits of those services, how it reduces stress and costs to families and the estate, and how having a local relationship with a POA can better achieve their objectives and reduce family tensions. Having someone you know, who you or your family can talk to and who cares about you as a person is so important.

Recently one of our more senior clients said to me that he heard that there was a local trust company and said he would like someone other than a 1-800 number to talk to. I told him about Ian Williamson and Truvera Trust and that we recommend them because of their local presence, their costs are lower, and they do not manage money. They can act as your POA and trustees/executor and you can meet with them face to face. I told him that Ian has spoken to our clients at different events and done work for a number of our clients, and if he would like I could bring him by for a meeting so they could get to know each other.

He was pleased that there was someone he could talk to in person. I introduced Ian in person, we had a good talk about our client’s needs, wishes and concerns and our client is very happy with what he has done and feels more comfortable with having someone local that can look after things when he knows he can no longer do so. What was also important was that I have a good working relationship with Ian and understand the client’s wishes, so the plan that he has in place for gifting now and at time of the client’s death will be followed.

It is all about relationships and caring on a local and personal level, and without question that is what Ian and the Truvera Trust team provide our clients.

Bob White, CLU, Group One Planning Solutions
We have dealt with Truvera Trust Corporation for many years. They are the appointed executor for many of our clients. They have experience and skills and make the effort to do a very professional job.
Richard Montgomery, Montgomery Miles Law Firm
I have had the opportunity to work with Ian Williamson and Truvera Trust since inception both as a CPA,CA in Public Practice and as the Executor of several Estates. In all circumstances, I have found Ian to be professional, practical and knowledgeable with high ethical standards. I would not hesitate to recommend Truvera Trust should the occasion arise in the future and have done so in the past.
John McCormack, Retired Partner at MNP

We are a friendly competitor of Truvera Trust. ¬†They are lovely, classy, collegial, competent people, committed to their clients’ success.

Nicole L. Garton, B.A. LL.B., TEP Heritage Trust Corporation