Our Executor Services

You can appoint Truvera Trust as your Executor, Co-Executor or Alternate Executor. We can also serve as your Trustee, Co- Trustee or Alternate Trustee. Alternatively, we can be hired to assist as Agent for Executor or Agent for Trustee.

If you need financial and estate planning assistance, we can work with you to help structure, review and achieve your personal financial planning, business succession planning, tax planning and will and estate planning goals. We can provide advice in the use of trust arrangements which could enhance your financial and estate plans.

In order to maximize the value of your estate to your beneficiaries you can use various financial planning strategies to safeguard your assets and reduce estate taxes and fees. We can provide the professional advice you’ll need in order to understand the best options available in your individual circumstances. We can also advise you about options which will avoid legal challenges to your Will, thus ensuring that your final wishes will be followed as you intended.

For more detailed information, download and read our brochure about Executor services.

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Download PDF