Wills & Estates

Your will may well be one of the most important documents you ever sign.  During your working life you have accumulated investments and assets that you wish to pass to your family, friends or organizations of your choosing and in the amounts that you want to donate.

Not having a properly drawn will can lead to family disputes, ill will and costly legal battles to determine the beneficiaries of an estate.

Some individuals die without a will (intestate) which may well lead to the court appointing an administrator, with government regulations determining the beneficiaries and what each will receive. This may not be the way you would wish your estate to be distributed.

Under a will you can name the beneficiaries to obtain assets outright however you may also wish to set up on-going trusts for children or other individuals that may be underage or unable to efficiently handle financial affairs.

An example may be funds set aside for your grandchildren’s education. You can determine the amount to be held, how the beneficiaries qualify to get funds from the trust, and the amounts they are to receive.

Individuals often put off having a Will for a number of reasons.

A primary reason may be cost; however not having a will can cost more than having a properly prepared document. Secondly, may be not knowing where to start. Questions or concerns are often put to rest during the discussion of your wishes with one of our representatives.

A major concern can be…

“Who will take care of my estate when I am no longer available? Do I want to burden family members or friends to take on the executor duties?”

“How can a corporate executor such as Truvera Trust assist in the administration and does it cost more than having a family member or friend act as executor?”

Having a Will can lead to peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

Truvera Trust can assist you in putting your ideas and wishes into an easily understood document.  They will explain the benefits to you and your family of having an executor that is experienced, and able to deal with your estate and beneficiaries in a cost efficient and timely manner. The trust company works with your legal representative to ensure that your estate will be administered according to your wishes.

For additional information please contact Truvera Trust.